I have a really simple billing system: $20 a calendar month for each active client. This fee includes everything listed on my Services page – client set up, benefit inquiries, claims, follow-up, and anything special like session limit warnings. You will also receive my uniquely designed monthly encapsulation sheet that sums up everything going on with your billing.

I also offer an add-on service for $30/hour – this would be for things outside of the normal claims input e.g. address changes, payment reissues, projects. This will be billed on your monthly invoice.

I will ask that you submit your billing weekly* which I will turn around within 48 business hours and I will invoice you monthly. I take Venmo, Square, checks, or cash.

*Please note: I believe that weekly billing is the way to go — gives a great window in which to track any issues and makes for faster reimbursements.