If you’ve ever braved doing your own billing you’ll know it’s a mixed bag. Sometimes it goes smoothly and other times you can spend frustrating hours on hold, being shuffled from one customer service phone tree to another. I want to free you up for the heart of your job — your interaction with clients. Let me take on the insurance companies for you!

Here is a general list of the services I offer:

New Client Set-Up/Pre-Authorization

You provide me with all the necessary information on your clients (using my form or your own) and I’ll call your client’s insurance company to find out the key information:

  1. Do they have current coverage for outpatient mental health services?
  2. Do they require pre-authorization and, if so, how is that obtained?
  3. Do they have a co-pay? A deductible?
  4. Are there any session limits?

I’ll get back to you  within 48 business hours (usually sooner) of receiving the client details.

Weekly Billing

Each week, you’ll send in one short form that captures all your sessions for the week. I’ll do the rest! Weekly billing allows for faster turnaround and easier tracking if something is amiss.

Flag Unpaid Sessions

I’ll be watching to be sure you’re paid everything you’re owed. If something isn’t paid, I’ll be calling the insurance company to see what’s up and push anything along that needs to be pushed. You’ll never need to talk to an insurance company again unless they require information of a specifically clinical nature.

Authorization Expiration Alarm Clock

If you’ve been authorized 8, 10, 12 sessions, have no fear! Just tell me when you want me to remind you that time is running out, and I will! Think of me as your re-authorization alarm clock. That way, you’ll never miss a payment because you forgot to get re-authorized.

Practice Management Software Compliant

If you’ve got a subscription/preference for a particular practice management software e.g. Simple Practice, OfficeAlly, etc., I am happy to partner with you on this and bill through your preferred platform. I’m also happy to set up an account for you using the practice management software of your choice — fee upon request.